Edited by artist and First Amendment activist, Clinton Fein, First is First Amendment Project's weblog covering issues related to the First Amendment. In addition to focusing on issues key to the work of First Amendment Project, First also explores freedom of expression in an even broader sense, looking at global issues and the delicate balance between free expression and privacy.


Clinton Fein is President of the Board of First Amendment Project. As an established political artist and photographer, Clinton Fein's most notable victory was his Supreme Court lawsuit against Attorney General of the United States, Janet Reno, challenging the constitutionality of the Communications Decency Act in 1997, where his right to disseminate his art on the Internet was upheld in a landmark victory for the First Amendment. His criticisms of the government's attempts to regulate speech on the Internet were published by The Wall Street Journal, who profiled him as "a player" in their "Names on the Net" special feature. Mr. Fein was nominated for a PEN/Newman's Own First Amendment Award in 2001. For the last nine years, Fein has served as both editor and publisher of the controversial and its graphicless sister Pointing Fingers. His art, work and website have received considerable media attention both in the US and globally.

David Greene, Executive Director and Staff Counsel, has significant experience litigating First Amendment issues in state and federal courts and is one of the country's leading advocates for and commentators on freedom of expression in the arts. Mr. Greene also serves on the Northern California Society for Professional Journalists Freedom of Information Committee, the steering committee of the Free Expression Network, is the project director of the Free Expression Network-West, is a lecturer at San Francisco State University, and serves on advisory boards for several arts organizations across the country.

In addition, he was a founding member of the Internet Free Expression Alliance, and has written and lectured extensively on free expression and the arts and other areas of First Amendment Law, including as a contributor to the International Encyclopedia of Censorship. David previously served as program director of the National Campaign for Freedom of Expression where he was the principal contributor and general editor of the NCFE Quarterly and the principal author of the NCFE Handbook to Understanding, Preparing for and Responding to Challenges to your Freedom of Artistic Expression. He is a 1991 graduate of Duke University School of Law.

Jayne Lyn Stahl is a widely published poet, playwright, screenwriter, and essayist, founder of Writers-at-Large, and member of PEN USA, PEN American Center, as well as the ACLU. She is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post, Op Ed News, and the Atlantic Free Press.

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